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Welcome back. You are just in time to see another amazing screw my wife update with some cuckolding getting done and some men watching their wives plowed hard. Well, you know the deal, these babes still love and care for the dudes, but they do need some dick in their pussies, they can’t just go on without it. So once again you can see another scene. This time we have a more mellow thing as this couple are swingers so there’s no real need to fret. It’s just that more recently his wife got bored with their sex and she wanted to have fresh cock in her pussy. So of course the man accepted and you can see the two of them enjoying it all today.

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Screw This Swinger

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Screw my wife has another guy that sold his wife for some extra cash. We know it’s really hard to believe but this actually happens more often that you would expect. The main idea is that you sell your wife to another guy and then you sit there and watch another bang your wife and get paid for it. It isn’t the best trade if you ask us but at least we get some really nice scene out of them. If you enjoyed seeing these matures you must take a look at the hot MILF from getting her pussy stuffed. But let’s get back to our trade and tell you how this guy got his wife there. He’s a gambler and had to pay some people back and of course, he didn’t have the cash.

While he was explaining to his friend his situation this guy overheard him and offered him a solution to his problem and it was easier that he wouldn’t expect. First of all, he didn’t have to do a thing it was all his wife’s job but he still had to convince her. Could you imagine that talk? Tell your wife you sold her for one night to this guy you don’t even know. But she did anyway but asked for one thing in exchange, she wanted her husband to be there, in the same room, the entire time by her side. This should be punishment enough for him. See it all below!

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Wild Fantasy

Would ever thought this older guy would ever say screw my wife? We sure wouldn’t. He doesn’t seem the type of guy that would do that but he surprised us anyway. One of his wildest fantasies was to see his wife getting fucked by a complete stranger. These older couples have the weirdest fantasies you could thing off but if this makes them happy we’re there for them. As you can see in the preview below he was standing by her side watching it all. When you thought you’ve seen it all, this happens. Just like the slutty girls from that get their pussies fucked by random strangers on a daily basis. But this gotta be a bit stranger because seeing your wife riding another guy’s dick, a younger guy, way younger that you. It really is a wild fantasy!

We see this a lot around here but this gotta be one of the oldest couple to try it out and they were the best surprise for us. We never thought that she would be so amazing, so much energy, passion lust and all of it in one scene. It really was great to see her blowing the youngster’s dick and then to ride it in front of her husband. Fantasies over fantasies, everyone has them, what is your fantasy? Until you think about your answer make sure you check out some of the older updates as well.

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What can a man do when some random dude came and says screw my wife please! Of course he can do exactly that. The freak from these two is the husband. He loves watching his wife getting banged by other dudes. We love the idea to, however this lucky dude loves it even more. Cum inside and watch the next fresh video update and enjoy as slutty Mrs Burris gets her milf pussy fucked from the rear hardcore and gets jizzed on face as her husband watches.

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Hi there pals! Isn’t it time for you to watch and enjoy one of our newest screwmywife sex session with this wonderful babe? This nasty wife when she decided to come her for the second time she had no idea that she will be having sex with three older man, but she really liked the idea! So as her husband was supervising the entire fucking session she was having fun! Do you wanna have a look at how will she be handling these three guys? Have a seat and we will watch it together!

You know this hot babe, right? She had been here before and the owner wanted to surprise her as he invited two more friends over to taste and try one fresh pussy! While she had one hard tool into her mouth the other guy was licking that pussy to make her fired up for that rough penetration that was about to follow! This naughty chick really enjoyed taking two hard cocks in the same time and when the third one approached it was time for more and more orgasms! Check out now this entire hot scene and enjoy also Mrs. Abbott’s cunnilingus!


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Hi there guys! How about a new and hot screw my wife update? Today we have this couple that came here to have some fun! Initially this beautiful wife thought that they will both take part in a threesome session but it was a surprise for here as she was gonna have the chance to take an extra large cock into her tight pussy hole and her husband was gonna be around! As he knew what treasure he had near him he decided to share it with some other guy! How about taking a peek at what is about to follow?

It was a new day of summer where this lovely couple came out to have a walk in park! Meanwhile they exchanged their destination and they ended up at our place! Here this brunette honey took a ride with this guy! She got on top and humped that large cock until she managed to have a an orgasm! Soon after that it was time to make this guy cum so she took that tool into her mouth and kept sliding it in and out up until this guy came and filled her mouth and creamed her face! If you’re looking for similar screwmywife videos and picture galleries, just have a look around and enjoy also this other brunette on top!


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Hi to you as well! How have you been? Did you had enough fun last night while watching us? Good for you! It seems that you came back for some more hot screw my wife action! In the following scene we will have the chance to see a horny blonde babe that is gonna take this older guy’s cock into her fresh pussy! Are you wondering where her husband is? He couldn’t take it any more so he left the building, in the end he was waiting for her in the front! Do you wanna see more of this hot sex session? Have a seat and let’s watch!

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It was a new day and we barely had the chance to open our doors as this couple was willing to get some pleasurable time! So this nasty chick with her brown hair and her round ass came around for some action! As soon as she got the chance she got on top of this guy’s large cock and kept sliding it in and out of her tight pussy hole until she squirted all over the place! In the end she had to suck this guy off up until cumming and he jizzed all over her tits! Enjoy this crazy screwmywife sex session! See you soon!


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